Thursday, January 27, 2011

People you Should Know!

Saul Bass

I found this poster successful because of the color choices and the simplicity of the design. I like the upbeat energy that the style captures.

Paul Rand

This is a collection of Paul Rand's logos. They are simple, clean, and timeless.

Alexander Girard

Girard's work is upbeat and fun. I respond to all of his simple and fun characters and symbols. His use of negative space works well.

Alvin Lustig

Alvin Lustig's work consists of mainly two color pieces of art. They have a certain feel about them that makes them unique and I like the colors he chooses.

Alan Fletcher

I love the block, hand drawn quality of this work.

The Eames

These classic, sleek chairs are awesome. I love the smoothness and the style.

Maria Kalman
Steven Heller

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