Sunday, March 13, 2011

Journal Entry 3/14

Little and Co asked 30 designers the same two questions... “What single example of design inspires you most?” and “What problem should design solve next?”

JESSICA HISCH: The work that other students inspires her most. She just recently graduated in 2006, and she feels like she has grown so much since then, and she can't imagine how others have grown, and that both intimidates and motivates her. She thinks that designers need to prepare for the decline of print design, primarily unnecessary print, and she thinks that everyone needs to be aware that digital will be the primary form of design, and artists shouldn't get paid awfully just because of that.

TONY HAWK: Apple products have inspired him most. They have taken what use to be a business product only and turned it into something that is easy to use and you are proud to display. They have done this time and time again with music products and phones. They took an idea and make it less intimidating. As our technology advance,s it becomes more intimidate, and we need to embrace it and make it easy and fun to use.

STEFAN BUCHER: Hummingbirds have inspired him the most. They have shown that evolution has an excellent of humor. He said"they are evolution showing off" There is a whole range of birds, but the hummingbird is so elaborately simple. Also,hummingbirds eat huge amounts of energy, but they do it with style. Mid air refueling is the most impressive, and doing it in a state of iridescence. They are needlessly ambitious. Design should inspire to that sort of complexity. Designers should "make the fucker shimmer."

GEORGIA CHRISTENSEN: She thinks it is impossible to pick just one example of design that inspires her. Things such as Phillip Johnson's glass house, to a Jill Sander coat are all beautifully designed and made. She showed us a chimney that her father designed and said it is purposeful and well designed. Design needs to tackle public transportation, primarily trains: from the lighting to the interiors and they need to be energy efficient.

AMI KEALOHA: She thinks about a rubber band a lot. It seems simple but then when you look closely at it, it has so many uses. It is a simple principle and it has tons of applications. Ami would like to see design solve noise and light pollution in our rapidly urbanizing world, and also design to tackle health problems such as water availability. Designers should strive to make the world a better place, not just add to consumerist products.

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