Friday, August 27, 2010

type answers 2!

1. Weight- overall thickness of the strokes, in relation to their height (light, medium, bold, black, heavy)

2. Width- How wide the letterforms in a typeface are in relation to their height (condensed/compressed, extended/expanded)

3. Style- A broad term that refers to several aspects of a typeface. This can be divided into two basic categories: serif and sans serif.

4. The point system, used to measure the height of a letter as well as the distance between lines, is the standard used today. One point = 1/72 inch or .35 millimeters. Twelve points = one pica, the unit commonly used to measure column widths. Typography also can be measured in inches, millimeters, or pixels. Most software apps let the designer choose a preferred unit of measure; picas and points are a standard default.

5. Point- Unit of measure which equals 1/72 inch or .35 millimeters.

6. Pica- Unit of measure which equals 12 points.

7. There are 72 points per inch.

8. 1/2 inch tall.

9. There are 6 picas in 1 inch.

10. There are 12 points in 1 pica.

11. X-height refers to the distance between the baseline and the mean line in a typeface.

12. Cap height- Height of a capital letter above the baseline for a typeface.

13. Leading- Amount of vertical spacing between lines of type.

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