Monday, April 18, 2011

Journal Entry 4/18

While I was looking at the Good website, I noticed that many of their information graphics and videos were about bettering the world, or shocking information that may cause someone to want to help the world. They took public news and information and are presenting it in a visually appealing and sometimes humorous way.

Their website says that "GOOD is the integrated media platform for people who want to live well and do good. We are a company and community for the people, businesses, and NGOs moving the world forward. GOOD's mission is to provide content, experiences, and utilities to serve this community."

I watched The Incredible, Preventable Cost of Malaria. This video provided me with a ton of facts and information about the disease, but in just a few minutes. They presented the sad truth about malaria, but then explained how the disease can be prevented. I can tell that good wants to make an impact with everything they put on their site. Every video, information graphic, and article is packed full of meaning.

Good gives people a chance to get involved with projects and competitions, including doodling and photo competitions, and even one where you can your ideas about how to spread the word about the importance of vaccines or what to do with abandoned school buildings.

I really like this aspect of their website. I think it is fun to include and involve their audience. There are many creative and intelligent people who have a place to apply their skills to a good cause. They are using the power of the internet to spread their message to a huge audience. I really enjoyed looking at this website because they are a creative site that is helping the world in small ways.

"Good is for people who give a damn."

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