Friday, April 29, 2011

Journal Entry 5/2

David Carson: David did not have formal training, and he designed magazines spreads. He designed them based on what felt right for him. He stated that it is important to pull from your personality. I really enjoyed all of the visuals that were shown. I responded to the variety of each piece. Each page that was in a magazine he made was a piece of art.

Milton Glaser:
Milton says that none of us have the ability to understand our lives or path until it's over. Design and art has a pacifying function in our culture, it creates a commonality between two people. He says in cultures where people exchange gifts, this passing on of gifts is a device in order to prevent everyone from killing each other. Milton says he teaches because it makes him feel good and helps him clarify his own objectives. It is exciting for him to see someone change and learn because of something that he has said. He goes on to say that Graphic design and social commentary correspond. Designers have the ability to transfer great ideas, that will cause no harm, to people all around you. I really responded to when he talked about doing things that affect my time, neighborhood, city, country, and the world. I also responded to when he talked about someone's later life. He says if one can sustain their interest in their profession then you are a lucky person. Some people loose interest in what they do and loose their "capacity for astonishment". The world is a very astonishing place and Milton says he is still astonished. He is very thankful for this.

Mark Romanek

He says when you are making a music video, you are creating a fake moment that you need people to believe. You are forced to think about every single detail. He says he plans his videos very little so the process of editing becomes a sort of journey and so he doesn't get hung up certain things. The most important thing is to emotionally engage the audience. It doesn't matter how beautiful the shot is, if it's a cold shot, it's got to go.

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