Thursday, February 10, 2011

20 Rules of Good Design

(*) Most Important
(#)Practice More
(x) Ignore

1. Have a Concept (#)
2. Communicate, Don't Decorate (*)
3. Speak with one visual voice
4. Used two typeface families max. Okay, maybe three
5. Use the one-two punch
6. Pick colors on purpose (#)
7. If you can do it with less then do it (*)
8. Negative space is magical - create it, don't just fill it up (*)
9. Treat type as image, as though it's just as important
10. Type is only type when it's friendly
11. Be universal (x)
12. Squish and separate
13. Be decisive- do it on purpose or don't do it at all (#)
14. Distribute light and dark
15. Measure with your eyes: Design is visual
16. Create images- Don't scavenge
17. Ignore fashion (x)
18. Move it! Static=Dull
19. Look at history but don't repeat it
20. Symmetry is the ultimate evil (x)

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