Thursday, February 3, 2011

Journal Entry 2/7

This section of Writing for Visual Thinkers: A Guide for Artists and Designers, by Andrea Marks, helps guide and focus the thoughts that artists and designers have.

When thinking of and developing ideas for projects, it is both important and helpful to write. Many techniques, such as mind mapping, concept mapping, freewriting, brainwriting, word lists, outlines, and reflective writing, allow the writing to reach far thoughts and develop ideas to their fullest.

Some techniques, such as mind mapping and words list, would are very helpful to designers. A mind map gives visual form to ideas and is good to initiate ideas. The goal is to create the map quickly, and then question its content.

To create a mind map, start with a sheet of paper, and write a word in the middle of the sheet that you would like to represent the main idea of your chart. From this word, draw multiple branches and write one word associations that relate to the center word. Keep repeating this and extending the branches further. The words on the outer limbs of your web will have a weak connection with the center word, but this will allow you to form new ideas.

Word lists allow us to create a concise list of associated words.

I thought that some of the things in this section were useful tips. I think that think that some techniques probably wouldn't be as helpful as others, but they are all good tips to get the brain working.

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