Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Audience Personas

Hannah is a 20 year old college student who is from Kansas, but currently lives in Portland and attends the Portland University. She lives in a house with five other girls from other parts of the coutnry.

Hannah has been a vegetarian since elementary school, ever since she saw a movie about meat factories. Most recently, she has become a vegan. Her parents are divorced, and her mom is her best friend. She has one younger brother who is into photography. Hannah has always been a free spirit, and has always partaken in activities such as dancing, painting, and cooking. She has traveled to many other countries, including New Zealand, France, and Spain. She plans to one day move to another country.

While living in Portland, Hannah has enjoyed taking and teaching yoga classes, along with other on-campus jobs. She has switched her major a few times. Originally, she was planning on a career in elementary education but has recently switched to special education.


Linda is a 64 year old woman who lives in Boston. She has been married for 42 years to her husband, Jim. Linda is a nurse at the nearby middle school. Somedays, she can’t stand her job because of the school’s administration, but she continues to work there regardless. One day she is going to quit her job or retire.

Linda has 4 grandchildren, six year old Ben, 9 year old Lucy, 2 year old Addy, and 5 year old Ella. She adores her grandchildren and spends as much time with them as possible. They all live in Boston as well, so she spends a good amount of time baking cookies and sewing clothes for them. She also loves to read books to them whenever she gets the chance.

Linda shops at the local Wal-Mart. She thinks that they have the best deals in town. When she isn’t spending time with her grandchildren or husband, she likes to take their dog Samantha for walkes around the block.


Cindy is a 9 year old girl who loves to go to school. Her favorite part of the day is lunch time, and free time. During free time, she alwayas chooses to draw. She draws everything she sees. She draws her classroom, her best friend Jack, and even her teacher, Ms. Brewer. She wants to be an artist when she grows up. Her favorite snacks are Goldfish, chololate pudding, and apple juice. Halloween is coming up, and Lucy is planning on dressing up as a black cat. Her mom is a secretary at a law firm and her dad is a dentist. They live in a nice house and occasionally take trips to visit family across the country.

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